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Ascent is a leading training academy equipping students to take on the corporate world. A team of experts from various fields have come together to provide a unique blend of interactive and industry based curriculum which bridges the existing gap of skills in Human development.

“No two students are alike, so why should the training be?” We at Ascent provide a tailored solution based on assessment tests carried out on students prior to their training.

Brainchild of an Engineer turned entrepreneur who believes no student must be deprived of skills for the lack of opportunity, we deliver a world class training at the most affordable rate.

Why are we different

  • Industry based curriculum
  • Expert trainers
  • Assessment and counselling of individual students
  • Affordable prices
  • Interactive pedagogy
  • Any batch size

What we do

  • Industry based curriculum
  • Campus recruitment package
  • CET training
  • Student Assessment and counselling
  • Technical training
  • Assistance in Resume
  • Train the trainer

our working process in 3 steps

An effective training program is built by following a systematic, step-by step process. High quality training can be boiled down to 3 key components


Assessment is to identify performance requirements and the knowledge, skills and abilities an Individual needs

Program Design

Training design is the process of creating a blueprint for the development of instructions.


Training to enhance individual and organisational performance, Productivity and results.